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Permanent links are the main tool in website promotion.

Search engines like Yandex and Google scan all websites, analyzing them for numerous factors, one of the key ones today being links. Your website's positions in search engines directly depend on how many and how authoritative (trustworthy) websites link to your site. Links can be of two types: permanent and temporary (with monthly payment).

For promoting a website, it's better to use permanent links rather than temporary ones.

Today, you might be ready to pay for renting links for a month, and maybe it won't be a problem next month either, but if you fail to pay for them (maybe you just forget to do it) - they will all disappear at once, and restoring them to their previous state will be impossible - this will negatively impact the results of promoting your site. It turns out that all the money spent was wasted.

Temporary links are very rarely offered on quality sites, and they are placed not in the text of articles and news but somewhere in the footer (at the bottom of the site) or some other block that contains nothing but links. Usually, it's not even possible to set surrounding text to make them look more natural. For a search engine, it's not hard to understand their origin (being paid for) and it won't pay much attention to them, consequently, there will hardly be any benefit in promoting your site from such links.

By purchasing permanent links, you won't have to constantly worry about payment, because permanent links are placed once and for all and imply a one-time payment upon placement. By using precisely permanent links in website promotion, you free yourself from the risks of links disappearing and, as a consequence, dropping positions in search engines.

Permanent links look most natural to search engines, they are surrounded by thematic surrounding text and are placed in the text, not in a separate "obvious" block.

What platforms are best for placing permanent links for maximum effect in website promotion?

It's essential that the platform is not spammed with links, i.e., more sites link to it than it does to others (more donors than acceptors). Finding such quality platforms on link exchanges is very difficult; they are simply few and far between. But even if you spend a lot of time and select such platforms, over time, it turns out that you were just one of the first to buy links there while it was not yet spammed. The platform will become spammed over time simply because it participates in a link exchange.

What do we offer then?

We offer independent website promotion using permanent links on unspammed platforms of select quality, from which only a limited number of links are sold.
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Link building for half the market price