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Website promotion

Eternal links are the main tool in website promotion.
Yandex and Google search engines crawl all sites, analyzing them for many factors, one of them, and perhaps the key one today, is links. The positions of your site in search engines depend directly on how many and how many trust (authoritative) sites link to your site. Links are of two types: eternal and temporary (with monthly payment).

To promote the site, it is better to use eternal links, rather than temporary.
Today you are ready to pay for renting links for a month, and maybe in a month it will not be a problem either, but when you do not pay for them (maybe just forget to do it), they will all disappear at the same time, and it will be impossible to restore them in their previous form - this is very negatively affect the results in promoting your site. And it turns out that all the money spent was thrown to the wind.

Temporary links are rarely offered on high-quality sites, and they are not placed in the text of articles and news, but somewhere in the footer (at the bottom of the site) or in some other block in which there is nothing but links. As a rule, it is not even possible to specify a near-reference text so that they look more natural. In this case, the search engine is not at all difficult to understand their origin (venality) and it will not pay much attention to them, so there will be practically no sense in promoting your site from such links.

Buying eternal links, you will not need to constantly worry about payment, because eternal links are placed once and for all and imply a one-time payment when placing. Using exactly eternal links in website promotion, you are freed from the risks of link loss and, as a result, falling positions in the search engine.

Eternal links look as natural as possible for search engines, they are surrounded by thematic near-link text and are placed in the text, rather than a separate "fawn" block.

On which sites is it better to place eternal links for maximum effect in website promotion?
It is imperative that the site is not spammed with links, i.e. more sites link to it than it does to others (there are more donors than acceptors). Such quality of sites is very difficult to find in link exchanges, there are just a few of them. But even if you spend a lot of time and select such sites, over time it turns out that you were just one of the first to buy links there while it was still not spammed. The site will eventually become spammed only because it participates in the link exchange.
What do we offer?
We offer independent website promotion using eternal links on non-spammed sites of selected quality.

Manual placementof links
and articles
Indexing by Google
News or Articles
ONLYTHE DONOR'S QUALITYinfluences on the placement price
90% of Web sitesdo not participate in other link exchange markets
UP TO 600
of thematic text
around the link
1 yearGUARANTEE 100%
- the donor will not get worse
- the link will not disappear
or we will refund the money
On average, we post not more than 40 linksper
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