Date: 13 november 2019

October Updates

List of visual changes:

In the Advertising Campaigns:
- The ability to use different domains in one Advertising campaign has been implemented.
Now if you need to buy 1 link for several sites, you won’t have to create a separate Advertising Campaign for each site.

In Site Search:
- New 75 sites (30 foreign, 45 CIS) added.
- Indicators updated on all sites. Monthly visit data from SimilarWeb.
- Prices updated (recall that the cost of accommodation is calculated from 16 most important indicators, i.e. the price depends on quality)

In Report & Statistics:
- If you click the Download or Download All button, the resulting file will have a table with a new column Link.
Link in this case is your promoted page.

Notifications became more convenient:
- Show button added. Also, when you click on the application ID, the desired application now opens in the Report & Statistics section.

API developed with main features:
- Account Information Request
- Project List
- Project Creation
- Adding articles to the project

We continue to improve our service.
If you have any ideas for improving the service, you are always welcome. Write in feedback.
Customers actively participating in the development of our service get a bonus balance.
13 november 2019
October Updates
Domains, + sites, usability, API
13 november 2019
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